Imperceptible Sally

Early this year I wrote about some of the most popular search terms that lead people to Blam's Blog and shortly thereafter shared some of the weirder ones. It's time to share some more.

As I said then, I started checking my Stats page randomly throughout the day after getting consistent chuckles from the kind of off-the-wall phrases that you only see in the Stats page's Traffic Sources section fleetingly, usually in the "Now" view, by dint of their very strangeness; things get more normal in the "Daily" view as a search term will have to be entered multiple times to rank as one of the ten strings logged there at any given moment, and by the time we're up to "Weekly" it's just boring stuff like Superman covers or Fat Albert or the surprisingly popular Geoff Peterson.

I find that the really funny searches tend to fall into at least one of three categories: very specific; almost impossibly broad; and totally bizarre in juxtaposition. Some fall into more than one of those categories, like the two-word phrase used for this post's title — What in the world could that be? It does not hit on the name of a blog, a book or TV or movie title, or even a band name (although it would be an awesome band name). It brings up a complete smorgasbord of images. It does not appear to be a Peanuts reference and in fact the graphic that it picks up from this blog, below, only displays because the word "imperceptible" appears the in paragraph before it (in the post "Foyer, Guns, and Honeys", about the graphic novel It Rhymes with Lust) and "Sally" is elsewhere on the page in my list of labels (as part of "When Harry Met Sally"). Of course now that string appears on the Web, atop this post — for apparently the first time, as a search on it with quotes around the words yields nothing — without being of any help, but them's the breaks.

Cover to The Case of the Winking Buddha, which does not star a heroine known as
Imperceptible Sally, © 1950 St. John Publications and/or artist Charles Raab.

Here are 15 more random head-scratchers. Yeah, I guess you can suss out a rationale for some of them — when I worked in a comics shop, people would stop by not infrequently looking for a picture of something like, say, Batman holding a piece of paper. Most of them, though, are just so bizarrely focused or cast so bizarrely wide a net.

1970s foreign children

batman holding a piece of paper

dc comics robin praying

restrain of successful

interested in life

wolverine hugh jackman in pajamas

stop overthinking

mullet bingo card

single line diagram of power line distribution with legends

what color ink is romantic for a letter

nostalgia publications stockings

rich lady finger illustration

doberman dogs named pepper

books over 300 pages

probably bad news

I really love that last one and actually wish that I hadn't found out that it was the name of a category on a blog devoted to classic "fails".


  1. These made me lol. Especially "Batman holding a piece of paper", "dobberman dogs named pepper" and my favorite is the last one, it has a certain je ne sais quoi.

  2. Like there are just lists of books over 300 pages on the Web? Sure, I guess anything is possible on the Internet, but...
    My favorite is "1970s foreign children". You want to maybe narrow that down for us, Captain Jingo? "I wuz picked on by somebody who weren't American in kinnergartin an' now I'm a-tryin' to track him down." Geez.
    What's a mullet bingo card?