Blam’s Next Blog

A very long time coming, I Have Issues has gone live.

Campbell's soup can in the middle of dozens of vintage comic-book covers

Kind-of. I’m stretching the definition of “live” there. Right now all you get is a logo
and tag line, plus — maybe, depending on the results of my internal debate over whether it adds value or subtracts from the minimalist placeholder — a brief mission statement. I registered the domain a while ago now and have been planning the site
for more than a decade.

Jawn of Justice

Cover of Superman #293 from 1975, depicting Superman with arms crossed in front of gushing fire hydrant as Lois Lane and other civilians lie pleading or expired on the street, with doctored text -- Lois: 'Help us, Superman! We're dyin' for some wooder!' Superman: 'Yiz orn't gettin' any -- 'til I'm kooderback fer the Iggles!' Caption: 'Watch as the Metropolis Marvel is transformed into 'The Superman of Easttown!' Plus: Team-up action wit' Green Lannern!''

I was talking with a friend recently and this happened.