Best of the Blog

I’m sharing a couple dozen of my own favorite and other notable posts. While they don’t run the entire breadth of tone or subject found here — no dreams, “Top X” lists, or word-verification definitions, for example — they represent my style and interests well. I didn’t realize at first but was not surprised to discover in retrospect that adaptation, continuity in fictional universes, and the nature of storytelling are prominent recurring themes.

— • —

A Wing and a Prayer
My review of Neil Gaiman’s Batman corpus

Ghosts in the Machine
A glowing appraisal of Martin Scorcese’s Hugo

Five-Panel Draw
⅓ of a page from an issue of The Uncanny X-Men dissected

'X-Men' panels featuring Wolverine

Parodies Found
Aladdin’s “Whole New World” rewritten for the streaming era

The Slog
My first State of the Blog report — and how I got there

What Lies Beneath
An exhaustive look at Skyfall, examining the Gordian
Knot of James Bond’s fictional history

frame of James Bond dossier on laptop from 'Skyfall'

52 Geek-Out
My indulgently fannish dream reboot of DC’s superhero line

S Is for…
When Sonja from Sweden was horribly confused about male anatomy

Huston, We Have Amalgam
A mockup for a mashup

poster for 'Captain America and the Maltese Falcon'

Any Time at All
The dimension(s) into which I suspected Lost
might be expanding with its last season

Shelf Obsession
An ode to the library books that went a long way towards shaping my life

The Vampire Slayer Diaries
Rewatching the original Buffy film in light of its brilliant TV incarnation

Buffy in graveyard from original film

Yesterday and Today
Ladies and Gentlemen… The Beatles

Braids of Glory
The first volume of Barry Deutsch’s Hereville reviewed

When Barry Met Ollie
Some thoughts on the Arrow/Flash universe
at the time of the series’ first crossover

Flash and Green Arrow from CW DC shows

Exit from Eden
Considering nostalgia and how it blurs critical assessment

Not So Frabjous
My bitter disappointment in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland

Hounds and Fury
Evan Dorkin & Jill Thompson’s haunting Beasts of Burden comics in review

Dogs conversing in 'Beasts of Burden' comics panel

Flow Rider
A brief rave of the magical-realist gem Beasts of the Southern Wild

Nooner in Song
Some thoughts on Glee and my totally explicable love for an infamous tune

What’s Future Is Prologue
My feelings on the cinematic reboot of Star Trek

Group shot of new Enterprise bridge crew

Curls on Film
A veritable dissertation on the pleasant surprise of Disney’s Tangled

The Dr. Manhattan Transfer
How Zack Snyder’s Watchmen movie failed to translate the most
essential aspects of Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons’ comics

Woman on the Verge
My first of many looks at Fringe