End of an Origin

Tom Welling as Clark Kent dressed in black standing atop an mirror-like Superman emblem which reflects him up to his waist in the familiar blue suit, red boots, and cape

The series finale of Smallville repeats on CW stations tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT. I watched it last Friday with hope, skepticism, and ultimately the same disappointment familiar to me from throughout the show's 10-year run.

My in-depth reflections on this controversial adaptation of the Superman saga have proven difficult to wrangle, and if they're not published soon they'll have to hang out on the burgeoning scrapheap of abandoned posts. I certainly hope to get a piece online by November, when Smallville: The Complete Series is released by Warner in a 62-disc collectible package with all 218 episodes and special features not available on the season-by-season boxed sets. I just wish the subject was worth the effort.

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May 1st is celebrated in various places as May Day with events greeting the season
of spring. The date has nothing to do with the international distress call "mayday" but seemed as good a time as any to offer some links for disaster relief.

Operation USA -- give and it gets there

I don't write much about real-world stuff here on the blog, with the exception of family anecdotes. For a while now, though, I've been feeling like I should address the tragedies wrought in recent months by natural disasters.

We've had a notable string of such events going for the past several years, in fact, perhaps due in part to climate change but according to many geologists and meteorologists largely due to the fluke of earthquakes affecting more populated areas than usual — even if the number of such earthquakes (and resultant tsunamis) isn't significantly greater than normal on a global average.