Mr. Pope Hail

Panel of Hydra members in green robes with yellow H standing before a figure, face unseen, gesturing with hand / Photo of Pope Francis, seated, making same hand gesture over kneeling person in green robes with gold H pattern

When I saw the robes during the Pope’s mass in Philadelphia this morning,
Hydra’s classic outfits immediately came to mind. The juxtaposition of this panel
from Stan Lee & Jack Kirby’s introduction of SHIELD in Strange Tales #135 with this crop of a photo taken by Jack Gruber for USA Today is just eerie. Like yesterday, I’m only pointing out what’s already there.

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Oh Hell No

TV screen displaying grid of Philadelphia on local news in which colors and lines identifying event areas during Pope's visit to the city strongly resemble the red, horned figure of Satan complete with goatee

I can’t be the only person who sees a certain horned figure looming. You had one job, Graphics Department. One job.

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Yvonne Craig 1937-2015

Photo © 1967 ABC / 20th Century / Greenway.

TV’s Batgirl, Yvonne Craig, left us last month at 78. She was more than just that description — to fans of Star Trek, in which she appeared as the green-skinned Orion woman Marta; to Elvis aficionados, having co-starred in two of his films; and of course to her loved ones, as wife, sister, mentor, and philanthropist.