A Bird in Hand

I ran a history of Robin in Comicology Vol. II #1 (Spring 2000).

Large figure of the young original Robin against a cityscape with smaller figures of Dick Grayson as Nightwing, Carrie Kelley as Robin, and Tim Drake as Robin around him
Art to cover of Comicology Vol. II #1 © 2000 Bruce Timm. Characters depicted
are trademarks of DC Comics. Comicology is a trademark of Harbor Studios.

What saw publication was an abridged version — long story and lingering frustration
— but a fuller piece titled “Six Decades of Richard Grayson” went up on the magazine’s website. Has anyone reading this by chance saved the text of that?

Bowled Over

Winston, a small gray-and-white terrier, at a food bowl full of kibble
Screencap © 2014 Disney Enterprises.

There’s a six-minute animated short called “Feast” showing before Disney’s Big
Hero 6
, which opens this weekend, and I’m not being insensitive to the cost of movie tickets when I say it’s worth the price of admission all by itself.