All Together Now

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The End

Lost 6.17-6.018 The End

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Don't Let Me Down

Well, I guess my episode analyses are going to mirror one another to a degree, the
way this season of Lost is at times mirroring itself, and the first season, and the series to date.

Hurley, Kate, Jack, and Sawyer looking serious around a campfire with shadowed figure of Jacob

I'll have no individual writeup here of last week's episode, "What They Died For", in advance of tonight's two-part series finale, "The End" — just as there was no writeup of the first individual hour of the season, "What Kate Does", following the one for the two-part season premiere, "LA X". My laptop has started acting hinky again, the Internet connection has been at a crawl, and I've come down with a cold.

Season 6 ends tonight and thus so does Lost as a whole. Its finale begins at 9 p.m.
EST on ABC, following a two-hour series retrospective at 7, and runs until 11:30; then, after the local news, the one-hour Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to 'Lost' comes on at 12:05 a.m. with cast members and creative staff. That's all true for the USA, at least. What reminds me of viewers outside our borders is that also immediately following the finale will be a live online chat at the CTV website [bad link] featuring my friend and Finding 'Lost' author / Nik at Nite blogmistress Nikki Stafford. My plan is to kick back and enjoy the last Lost as much as possible as television, ideally after catching up with comments from my clique at Nik at Nite and Jeff Jensen's Totally 'Lost' insights for Entertainment Weekly [bad link].

The post title, however, a Beatles song that I can't get out of my head, does not refer
to my own recent lack of bloggitude. No, I had the title slotted for my episode analysis of "Across the Sea" in reference to Island Momma's desperate pleas to Jacob and Esau — until I realized that it perfectly summed up my and so many other viewers' feelings about what to expect in "The End".

After the wildly uneven previous episode, overwhelming and underwhelming at the same time, I truly feared for Lost's final few hours. The campfire scene in "What They Died For" went a long way towards assuaging those fears; as I put it at Nik at Nite, I can see given this episode how the next episode would be the finale. Jacob's conversation with the Candidates and Jack's assumption of Jacob's role was a nice, straightforward propulsion of the primary plot that followed well from last week's mega-flashback episode and the Candidates' recent Island adventures. Yet I still have the sinking feeling based on what we've seen (or haven't seen) so far this season, on how little screen time is left, and on recent comments from the showrunners that the finale will leave unaddressed things that I feel should be addressed.

Here are eleven of the subjects that to my mind need to be covered for the narrative
to wrap up in satisfying fashion. Not all of them require long-winded explanations; a few might, but in other cases a simple acknowledgement that Lost's world just works this way or even an indication that yes, that is a mystery, would suffice. Some are obviously related and others might be more related than we realize, although we have little beyond our own suppositions to go on.


Lost 6.15 Across the Sea

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Mean Business

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Fixing a Hole

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Carry That Weight

Lost 6.14 The Candidate

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N Is for...

Unpublished draft cover to Finding 'Lost' book with black and white kings on chessboard against forest background

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Cold Beans

iced coffee in McDonald's cup with straw on folded gold napkin with coffee beans in small white dish and more strewn artfully about the table

I went to McDonald's for an iced coffee the other day and had the following exchange at the register.

Me: "Could I get a large hazelnut iced coffee, please?"

Cashier: "Iced coffee?"

Me: "Yes."

Cashier: "What size?"

Me: "Uh... Large."

Cashier: "Would you like a flavor with that?"

Me: "... Hazelnut?"

The cashier may have been hard of hearing — or just distracted. I've learned to give folks a pretty generous heaping of the proverbial benefit of the doubt whatever the circumstance; at my age and, especially, in my less-than-ideal state of health, a little bit of Zen goes a long way. This was really more funny than frustrating, especially when compared to my blog problems or recent dealings with so-called "customer service" at
a couple of different companies or, well, lots of aspects of daily life.