Joker Lice

Along with my verification-word definitions — like yesterday’s — I’ve made a small running thing out of sharing weird search terms that Blogger’s Stats info says lead people here.

My first such post was in January; the second one, in April, was titled after one of those oddball terms, as is this one. To cut to the chase: I can’t find a record of joker lice being a thing, in Gotham City or anywhere else.

A dozen more strange — or in a couple of cases, strangely mundane — search terms, some of which totally befuddle me not only inherently but in how they led people here:

15-year-old with a fencing sword

action figure rod stewart

business team with laptops in the white cubes

csi ny lindsay and danny with baby & furious man in the lighttower

david boreanaz smolder

different bingo cards

good hulk leopard

is marc rzepczynski dating and who is she

krypton chin

roland orzabal teeth

swedish indicia

what is the favorite drink to kermit the frog

I’ve never written about Rod Stewart or CSI: NY to the best of my recollection. David Boreanaz, Marc Rzepczynski, Roland Orzabal, Kermit the Frog, Hulk, fencing, and Krypton have all popped up, however, either as intentional subjects or as images in my free-association posts — although the contexts were just a wee bit different than what folks were looking for.

And no matter how good it was, I’d hate to see a Hulk leopard with Joker lice.

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