Clean and Mean

The state of the blog is once again a clog, and I have only myself to blame.

While Blogger is highly complicit in making even slightly tricky posts much trickier than they should be, I’m supposed to remember that. Yet here I sit with things backed up in part because I wanted to present some image-heavy offerings before taking the kind of extended break that I so often try to schedule and never really get to follow through on — because an unintentional hiatus manifests first, leaving me with a drive to just get those “last” few efforts published for peace of mind and personal satisfaction.

So I’m riding out the waves of a perfect storm comprising the usual technical snafus
and health issues combined with the prolonged wake of a sad occasion that I’ve been trying and failing to write about, ever more exhausted, producing sentences that run on like Bart Allen after too much Halloween candy and too little patience to suss out a good simile. I therefore, hereby, and forthwith offer up another slice of the vocabularium imaginarium that is my log of word-verification definitions, whose backstory can be found on their dedicated page, with hopes but no promises that posts will resume flowing after some requisite spring cleaning.

adangst — [ad angst] n. What keeps us tuning in to watch Don Draper.

barifti — [bar eef tee] pl. n. Ftarbuckf employeef.

calvic — [kal vik] adj. Having a stuffed tiger that comes to life when nobody else is around.

chirk — [churk] n. An obnoxiously noisy little bird.

explo — [eks ploh] n. A dynamite convention.

flaugg — [flawg] v. Beat one of the Peanuts characters with a stick.

foniq — [fah nik] adj. Of or relating to idiosyncratically spelled rapper’s handles.

hypoos — [hy poos] pl. n. Canadian needles, eh.

merment — [mur ment] n. A fleeting instant at sea.

mingons — [ming ahnz] pl. n. 1. Villains in the Star Trek / Flash Gordon mashup. 2. Adorable dyslexic French kids.

noget — [noh get] n. A chewy confection that you’re not allowed to have.

ovise — [oh vize] v. Provide guidance on egg-related matters.

Proupsi™ — [proop see] Sparkling cola beverage unsuccessfully marketed to admirers of the author of À la recherche du temps perdu.

psitin (1) — [sit in] n. A non-violent protest held by espers.

psitin (2) — [sy tin] n. The ability to mentally control one particular metal.

spale — [spail] n. What is cast by down-home country witches.

stroli — [stroh lee] n. 1. A very short stromboli. 2. A walk made more enjoyable with vodka.

throban — [throh ban] n. An interdiction against tossing things.


  1. I particularly like "Calvic." And "barifti" took me more re-reads than I would like to admit before I got it.

    And am I the only one that finds Bloggers new format ridiculously obnoxious? It's rare to get a word that actually looks like a word and I can't follow comments via e-mail (or at least I haven't figured it out yet.)

    But anyhoo... entertaining as always :)

  2. Great stuff as usual, Blam. Il y a beaucoup de mots ici ce qui est bon, mais 'mingons' est fan-tas-tique.

  3. Oui, Je suis entièrement d'accord, le pamplemousse est sur la table. Au revoir et petit dejeuner.

  4. Aargh!!! That should be "ce qui sont bon"...
    Nice grapefruits, Joan.

  5. *blushes furiously, kicks a stone and subtly adjusts her girls*


  6. Thanks very belatedly, ladies.

    You are most definitely not the only one to hate Blogger's switch in word verification, Rebecca, nor the sledgehammer Blogger took to its perfectly fine comment pages that left one unable to subscribe by E-mail until recently. I posted about both frustrations, as well as writing directly to Blogger and commiserating with other blogging buddies "publicly".