Clorox Makes Things Dirty

A few weeks ago my sister alerted me to an inadvertently hilarious detergent ad that
ran during Mad Men. It popped up again the other night, and thanks to the narration's awkward grammar it's still danged funny. You'll find the relevant lines in the first comment on this post in case you don't catch them or can't play the video.

The Fugue of War

I highly recommend the UK production In the Loop, especially if you enjoy gleefully cynical inside-politics satire.

'In the Loop' movie logo

Honestly, I'm afraid of how little exaggeration there may be in this fictional tale of
the run-up to a war in the Middle East based on flimsy — if not fabricated — evidence produced by factions in the US and British governments. But it's less an indictment of hawkish politicians per se or some would-be film à clef about the Bush Administration than it is an all-too-believable comedic gloss on how any perspective can be spun and sold through power, determination, technology, and the right people saying the right kind of thing amidst the 24/7 news machine.

Ace o' DC

DC Swirl or Swoosh logo

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O in Sesame

Photo of 'Sesame Street' Muppets in rough pyramid shape: Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Count von Count, Bert, Ernie, Zoe, Grover, Telly Monster, Prairie Dawn, Elmo, Rosita, and Cookie Monster

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Soda-Pop Culture

Patio Diet Cola bottle cap

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Harmony and Irony

I saw the, um, original repeat of Glee's first episode the other day and wish I'd been able to post a review before the encore encore tonight. Was it music to my ears? Not entirely, but I'm rooting for it.

a person's right hand making an L shape to fit into the word 'glee'

Uneven but interesting, that pilot is certainly worth sampling before the series
finally continues next Wednesday, Sept. 9th, at 9 p.m. ET. It was previewed last spring — in prime real estate after American Idol — even though the show's actual debut was always scheduled for this fall. Fox must have felt it had an offbeat winner and hoped
to stoke buzz throughout the summer; indeed, reception was generally favorable and songs from the series have been popular downloads on iTunes.

Whether you should check it out depends heavily on your ability to (a) relate to the politics of adolescence, (2) appreciate tautly sung show-tune versions of pop songs from various eras, and (c) accommodate yourself to entertainment presented with and without irony in quick alternation if not simultaneously.

Marvel and the Mouse

You've probably heard by now that Disney is buying Marvel.

Mickey Mouse depicted in Jack Kirby's trademark style as a robot or armored superhero complete with ‘MM’ insignia

I don't have any insight to share at the moment beyond the fact that most of the jokes — some made as much warily as humorously — are just that: jokes. The House of Ideas, as Marvel was once known, won't be "Disneyfied" by The Mouse House. Disney also owns ESPN and Miramax, remember. Which isn't to say there are no ramifications for the entertainment industry.