Blonde on Blonde

If you're familiar with HBO's Game of Thrones — or with the George R.R. Martin series of novels on which it's based, A Song of Ice and Fire — then you love to hate (maybe even hate to love) King Joffrey.

Joffrey, I should explain for those not in the know, is nominally the son of Cersei Lannister and the recently deceased King Robert Baratheon — but he and his siblings are actually the offspring of Cersei and her twin brother, Jaime Lannister. No, I'm not kidding. Joffrey is ruling the land of Westeros as Robert's supposed heir, with his mother serving as Queen Regent, but all sorts of machinations are underway from various quarters to depose him and/or to simply claim independence from the so-called Iron Throne in King's Landing.

I (like many others) am captivated — in that can't-look-away, pick-a-scab, don't-think-of-a-pink-elephant sort of fashion — by Jaime and Cersei's relationship, which thanks to the introduction of a fellow named Craster in the first episode of the recently launched Season Two isn't even the most depraved intrafamilial sexytime on the show.

So I met my fascination of the abomination head-on and channeled it into the graphics in this post.

You're more than welcome to share any of these images, via E-mail or by posting them on your own blogs and such, as long as you link back here. The "Brotherf---er", "Twincest", and "Twinbreeding" images were prepared with the aid of the nifty online Motivator app.

I just wish I'd thought of doing this before Valentine's Day.

Update: All of the Pictogags in this post (and beyond) are now up on my Tumblr blog, Exhibit B
most of them larger. If you click on the images above you'll jump to their equivalent pages. "Brotherf---er" is not bowdlerized there.


  1. Holy crap! These are hilarious!

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!


  3. "I'm my own cousin" just about made me lose it.

    Bravo on all of them, however! Nicely done.

  4. Lannisters keep it in the family was my fav

    I'm totally pinning these later to my pinterest board (they'll link right back here)

  5. Man, I keep drifting away from this blog and I keep regretting it. These were fantastic! I shall propagate them posthaste.

  6. I gotta agree with Teebore, 'Yeah, that's right' made made my day. Although 'brotherf**ker' has now entered my curse word vocabulary. I hope we can expect more of these as series two progresses, Blam. I can see some 'pimpin' ain't easy' gags for Littlefinger right now...

  7. These are great, Blam-albino*! Unfortunately, I don't have the "Twitter" or the "Facebook" or the "Kool and The Gang" things that everyone has these days so I am of little use in the old "nod and wink" society.


    *tried to combine Blam and albino. As you see, it didn't work. Blambino. Balbino. Blamino. It can't be done.

  8. @Joan: I think "Blalbino" has a nice ring to it...

  9. @Teebore - You did it! Nicely done, though through my failing with the Balm-albino hybrid I did come up with "Check out my souped up El Blamino"

    Is it "souped up"? I've never seen it in print before and now it reads weird. Anybody watching Eastbound and Down? "You're assimilating weird. You look like a goddamn, strange sort of Mexican Grimace."


  10. From now on my standard reply to whatever Joan writes is going to be Abed's "I need help reacting to something." (Community, not Eastbound and Down)


  11. @Everybody: Thanks!

    @Teebore & @Batcabbage: "I'm my own cousin" is my favorite, too.

    @Batcabbage: You nearly read my mind. I actually came up with a few for Littlefinger that I'm working on right now.

    @Teebore @Joan: Jalbira. [Later: Oh, wait, never mind. I just checked on that post, and Blogger has hopelessly screwed up the HTML — which is why I save the HTML for every post now, have for years, but with Blogger's new Compose window that HTML is no good pasted back in, so Fuuuuuuuck you, Blogger!!!]

    @Joan: Blamino acids? Los Blangelinos? Blamgelina (perish the thought)?


  12. PPS @Joan: It's "souped-up", yes, even though "suped-up" might make more sense (and indeed may be the origin of the term — i.e., to make something super).