El on Earth

How did I like Man of Steel?

The answer is... complicated. I'll be taking part in a roundtable discussion at Forces
of Geek
soon, helping me further hone my thoughts for a proper review. What follows below is bereft of spoilers.

Superman flying above the Earth's atmosphere against the blackness of space

I went into the 12:01 a.m. screening last Thursday night with hope and tempered excitement. So many films are getting made from comics these days that I'm often asked how this or that compares to the source material — and even more often asked plainly if I enjoyed it, with my perspective of having liked and/or simply knowing
about the comics implied. The whole nature of adaptations, especially those involving long-running characters that have been mined for television and cinema repeatedly, is the subject of another post. But what's particularly relevant now is the fact that my opinions on such adaptations, when conflicted if not outright cranky, often get waved away with dismissals that, well, this is a movie and, y'know, it's made for everybody rather than just fans with a prior relationship to the material and, look, blockbusters with serious actors aren't comics or cartoons.