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We’re halfway into January and the lack of posts on this blog o’ mine has turned my usual calm demeanor, well, meaner. I’m trying to find time and energy to get the ever-less-relevant year-end posts back online while not being too discouraged or distracted to write up anything new.

So it’s as good an opportunity as any to post a sequel to “Mean”, the inaugural offering of my first-impression definitions for the (usually) nonsense collections of letters that appear during word verification when submitting comments on many Blogger sites.

Here are a batch of some of the better ones I’ve come up with in the past month or so.

aphyla — Items belonging to no particular taxonomic category.

Bewowsor — “New from RonCo! A device guaranteed to fascinate your friends and loved ones! What does it do? It fascinates your friends and loved ones, we just told you. Order today and get not one but two Bewowsors for the price of one... You pay only shipping and handling. Does it work? Didn’t you just order two?

Bonicen — A multi-vitamin for folks age 100 and up.


a can of Campbell's Bean with Bacon soup

I’m going to adopt what Mark Evanier — writer of comics, animation, variety shows
of my childhood, and more — claims is the ancient Internet tradition of displaying a
can of Campbell’s soup when activity on one’s blog looks to be lighter than usual if not suspended altogether due to personal matters, technical problems, or what have you.