S Is for Sweden and...

Schmutz! But I'll get back to that. First we must rewind to the uncensored scribblings of someone named Sonja, who last week sent out a controversial set of near-sentences via Twitter.

I refuse to use the word "tweet" — unless we're talking about birds, of course. Call your service Tweeter if you want the messages to be "tweets". If it's Twitter, the gerund is either "Twittering" or the backwards formation "twitting" and the messages are Twits. Since Twitter and other social-media services that encourage short bursts of prose or graphics are considered "microblogging" I suppose that makes the entries "microposts". All I know is that I refuse to say "tweet".

Where was I? Oh, right... This:

Ozy Ozy Ozy

Jack Gleeson as Joffrey Baratheon in 'Game of Thrones' next to art of Adrian Veidt in 'Watchmen', both sporting blond hair and ornamental golden collar/breast plates over purple tunics and capes

I know that the above pic won't mean anything to anyone who hasn't both read Watchmen and seen Game of Thrones, but I'm guessing that a fair percentage of
this blog's dedicated visitors meet those criteria.