The Case of the Chemicals Indicated

I’d say that a funny thing happened on my way back from a long-overdue visit to
family in California, but it involves the Transportation Security Administration and wasn’t really funny — except insofar as it was Batman’s fault.

Batman figure, modeled on 1950s incarnation of the character, in plastic bubble packaging on cardstock

At the Bay Area fixture Cost Plus World Market, I picked up a figure like the one
shown here.

A-Ha Moment

I was in line at a store earlier, barely moving, with a full interior wall on the left and half-wall division to the right.

When I arrived the woman in front of me was slumped against the left wall; as people shuffled forward she slumped against the right, then against the left wall as we shuffled forward again, back to the right, etc., repeat, all the way to the front.

It was the slowest homage to the video for “Take On Me” I have ever seen.

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