Past of Future Days

I can’t say enough about Tomorrowland — but I’m wary of saying too much, so delightful are the surprises within.

Worm's-eye view of Britt Robertson's Casey finding a pin in a straw field

The film’s charming. It champions optimism and creativity. My heart swelled; my
eyes moistened. If there are flaws, and of course there are, they’re easily reconciled with the larger piece. It’s an inspiring thrill ride full of wonder with just enough schmaltz and grown-up danger, made for the whole family.

And it’s not what I expected. I didn’t read a single review before going, which I’m glad about because most of them overshare. I’m also confounded in disagreeing with them and by seeing how they disagree with one another on its merits and faults.

Me, I was transported.

44 Favorites: #14

David Letterman seated at desk on Late Show

Welcome to one among thousands of posts about David Letterman’s last day in
late night.

I had a typically punnish title ready to go before realizing that the survey of my
favorite things begun here for my 40th birthday hadn’t been updated in over a year.
A click on Dave’s name in the labels below will show that his brand of television, unsurprisingly, merits the designation.

Worlds Enough and Time

At this week’s TV “upfronts” we got trailers for CBS’ new Supergirl, to air Mondays at
8 p.m. ET come November, and the CW Arrow/Flash spinoff DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, which bows at midseason. [bad links]

Rip Hunter, Kendra Saunders / Hawkgirl, Martin Stein, White Canary / Sara Lance, Atom / Ray Palmer, Captain Cold / Len Snart, and Heat Wave / Mick Rory as portrayed on Legends of Tomorrow

Ra's al Ghul is practically a millennial next to the immortal Vandal Savage, who’s mentioned in the latter.