Carter Beats the Google

Hello! Are you looking for this?

Photo detail © 2010 CBS.

I've kinda rigged the question by providing that photo, since Alex Carter's name was the most searched-for string leading folks to Blam's Blog last year according to Blogger's stats analysis.

What's really funny is that there hasn't actually been a photo of Carter, who plays Det. Lou Vartann on CBS staple CSI, here on the blog until now. In June 2010, I reviewed ABC's summer newbie The Gates and CW repeats of The Vampire Diaries; when I did, I noted how many of Diaries' actors resembled other actors (or mash-ups of other actors) and that Gates' male lead, Frank Grillo, looked to me like a cross between David Boreanaz and the aforementioned Mr. Carter. Even though the photo of Carter that I linked to for reference doesn't appear in my post, when one does a Google image search for {alex carter} said photo is one of the top results — it's the very first in the returns for {alex carter csi} — with this blog's address as the source.

I know that Google's algorithm takes links to and from a given webpage into account, but it still doesn't seem right for Google Images to direct people to a page that doesn't actually contain the image associated with it in search results.

So I apologize to everyone who's gone to that post looking for a photo of Alex Carter. I did not mean to mislead you. I realize that you can get to the photo easily enough by clicking on the hyperlink of Carter's name in that post, but it's still a bait-and-switch for which I feel bad if not exactly culpable in any active way.

To make up for it, I offer the photo of Mr. Carter above; links to his IMDB page (which has one lonely head shot at this writing) and his Wikipedia page (which is pretty sparse), both giving his date of birth as Nov. 12th, 1964, and his birth name as Alex Apostolopoulos; a link to an interview with Carter for a CSI fan site from last November; and just for good measure another link to that autographed photo that's made my earlier post so popular, hosted by somebody on ImageShack.

I hope that all of you Alex Carter fans have bopped around this place a bit and liked what you found. Ditto for everyone who comes here for the screencap of Jason Segel as Marshall Eriksen holding that hilarious Venn diagram on How I Met Your Mother, the most popular image that's really and truly on the blog...

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