Carter Beats the Google

Hello! Are you looking for this?

Alex Carter as Detective Louis Vartann on 'CSI' holding a pen and pad
Photo detail © 2010 The CBS Corporation.

I’ve kinda rigged the question by providing that pic from the set of CSI, since Alex Carter’s name was the most searched-for string leading folks to Blam’s Blog last year according to Blogger’s stats analysis.

What’s really funny is that there hasn’t actually been a photo of Carter, who recurs as LVPD detective Lou Vartann on the hit CBS series, here until now. In June 2010, I reviewed ABC’s summer newbie The Gates and CW repeats of The Vampire Diaries; when I did, I noted how many of Diaries’ actors resembled other actors (or mash-ups of other actors) and that Gates’ male lead, Frank Grillo, looked to me like a cross between David Boreanaz and the aforementioned Mr. Carter. Even though the photo of Carter that I linked to for reference doesn’t appear in my post, when one does a Google image search for {alex carter} said photo is one of the top results — it’s the very first in the returns for {alex carter csi} — with this blog’s address as the source.

I know that Google’s algorithm takes links to and from a given site into account, but it doesn’t seem right for Google Images to direct people to a page that doesn’t actually contain the image associated with it in search results.

So I apologize to everyone who’s gone to that post looking for a photo of Alex Carter. I did not mean to mislead you. While I realize that you can get to the photo easily enough by clicking on the hyperlink of Carter’s name in that post, it’s nevertheless a bait-and-switch for which I feel bad if not exactly culpable in any active way.

To make up for it, I offer the photo of Mr. Carter above; links to his IMDB page and his Wikipedia entry, both giving his date of birth as Nov. 12th, 1964, and his birth name as Alex Apostolopoulos; and finally a link to an interview with him for a CSI fan site from last November.

I hope that all of you Alex Carter fans take the opportunity to bop around this place a bit and like what you find.

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