Play Right

Sorry, comics friends, but this has nothing to do with the Justice Society

The All-Star break seems like the perfect time to talk a little baseball.

I’m very happy that the National League won this year’s MLB All-Star Game 5-1 — not just because the game decides home-field advantage for the World Series, a fact that I fervently hope affects my Phillies, but out of good ol’ NL pride. National League baseball is real baseball.

The Now 52

Flash speeding at reader head-on surrounded by lightning and motion lines
Art © 2011 DC Comics. Pencils, Inks: Francis Manapul. Colors: Brian Buccellato.

I guess the new “52” initiative from DC, which rewrites the continuity of its main superhero universe (again) together with setting up a comprehensive digital-release plan for its comics, gives another meaning to “downloading the latest version of

Your friendly neighborhood comics shop — if one exists — faces a tougher marketplace than ever. New comics readers don’t tend to jump on the periodical train, while the trend among even dedicated longtime readers has been to give up the single-issue habit in favor of collected editions; unfortunately for comics shops, Amazon discounts almost all in-print hardcovers and softcovers deeply as a matter of course, while Borders (not without its own troubles) routinely offers coupons for at least 30% off a single item in-store or online to members of its free rewards program. And now single-issue readers who don’t want to wait for collected editions but are willing to wait just one month for prices on the digital version to drop from $2.99 to $1.99 on standard issues — likely not a big deal for those who already don’t visit the comics shop weekly and, of course, prefer or at least don’t mind owning a digital copy rather than a physical one — have a compelling alternative to what had been one of the comics shop’s main selling points. I have lots more to say about the DC plan, the retail conundrum, and digital vs. print in upcoming posts.

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DC in ’76

Cover to Our Army at War #295 © 1976 DC Comics.

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I before Zzzzz

Last night my nephew “I”, alias Ishmael for the sake of public sharing, arrived
with his sisters, “E” & “M”, and their mother for their annual summer visit.

Mom-Mom: “Are you ready to get in your PJs?”

Ishmael, who turned four last week: “No!”

Uncle Brian: “I just heard Mommy tell your sisters to put on their pajamas. She’ll probably be in here in a minute.”

Ishmael: “Yeah... We’re gonna have to hide.”

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Go Cub Go

photo of snow-leopard cub being licked by its mother

You don’t have to be a Mac user to appreciate this snow leopard.