Stan Lee 1922-2018

Hands on a typewriter from the viewer's POV, with title on script page, below figures of Thor, Human Torch, Spider-Man, Sub-Mariner, Doctor Strange, Thing, and Hulk
John Romita's cover to Origins of Marvel Comics
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TM/® Marvel Comics.

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Art Men and Reubens

The National Cartoonists Society held its 72nd annual Reuben Awards dinner
on Saturday, May 26th, in Philadelphia.

Reuben Awards poster with various cartoonists against a Philadelphia backdrop, such local items peppering the scene as the Liberty Bell, Art Museum steps, and a cheese steak with NCS18 in style of the LOVE sculpture

Glen Keane was crowned Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year — a prize known
simply as The Reuben — for his 2017 short film “Dear Basketball”. Past winners include Walt Kelly, Mort Drucker, Bill Watterson, Milton Caniff, and Will Eisner. It appears to be the first time the top award has been given for work in animation.