Nothing Special

If you're disappointed in, or simply growing numb to, this summer's would-be blockbusters — The Lone Ranger, World War Z, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim — I have
the solution: Joss Whedon's adaptation of Much Ado about Nothing.

A man with head and one hand above water in a lake, wearing goggles and snorkel, holding a half-full martini glass

You may be skeptical of a film that can be promoted as "from the director of The Avengers and based on the play by William Shakespeare" but Whedon's Much Ado is just that. And it's a delight.

Ante Heroes

I didn't create this Man of Steel / Dark Knight mashup, but when I shared it from
a friend's page on Facebook I did come up with some dialogue for the scene.

Henry Cavill as Superman, Christian Bale as Batman, and Heath Ledger as Joker seated at table in police interrogation room with cards and poker chips

Joker: "You wanna know how I got these scars?"

Batman: "Don't indulge him, Clark."

Superman: "Will you stop calling me 'Clark'? I've already told you that I don't want anyone to know anything about me other than I'm 33 and grew up in Kansas, except for Lois and everyone in Smallville and the army guys who were there with Lois at my mom's house."

Joker: [does lizard thing with tongue] "As I was saying..."