Panel to Frame

My reviews of Fox’s Gotham and The CW’s newly expanding Arrow/Flash
universe would be up by now had I not started tinkering with images to accompany them. Which is how these happened.

Superman heaving a car over his head in 'Superman Returns' in homage to cover of 'Action Comics' #1, part of which is overlaid onto the movie still
Inset: Detail of cover to Action Comics #1 © 1938 DC Comics.
Photo: Still from Superman Returns © 2006 Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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Live-Action Comics

A young man with dark hair facing The Flash and Green Arrow in the doorway of, per caption, 'the Bruce Wayne mansion ... in Gotham City'

I’ve been trying for a while to finish a big piece on the recent flood of comics
being adapted for television and film
. One problem has been that I keep writing too much about a specific movie or show and then spinning that material off into its own review. The silver lining is that the flood is only picking up pace — so even as I constantly kick the metaphorical can down the road there’ll be no shortage of hooks
to keep the subject current.

Mash Game

Among the first spec pieces I wrote in an attempt to broaden my fledgling freelance career outside the comics industry after college was a short goof for a film magazine that revolved around what we now call mashups.

mock DVD case for 'Tarzan of the Planet of the Apes' featuring Johnny Weissmuller as Tarzan with ape face looming in background

I hope to find it in my old, boxed-up files some day. While I can’t remember every mashup it contained, I’m pretty sure Tarzan of the Planet of the Apes was not one of them — even though it fit the premise of merging titles without adding anything new, and even though Tarzan of the Apes + Planet of the Apes is so obvious and pure in both its simplicity and its potential.

Gotham City 49 Cents

The United States Postal Service announced this past week that it would be releasing
a set of Batman stamps to commemorate the character’s 75th anniversary.

Stamp of Batman swinging on rope and waving / Underneath picture it reads Batman - Forever - USA, with line through Forever to invalidate use as postage

As with most stamps now, they’re self-adhesive — so Batman still can’t be licked.