Ten Tip

I had a pretty good run going in The Late Show with David Letterman’s online Top Ten contest [dead link] a few years ago.

A mousepad was then the standard prize. When contacted for my mailing address
after my third win, I asked if I could perhaps get a T-shirt instead. Hanging proudly in my closet is a misprint whose logo extends from not far past my sternum on the right
to somewhere under my left armpit.

I began playing again several months back but victory has been elusive. You can play, too, submitting all the individual entries you care to based on the week’s category. I usually send in at least a half-dozen, brainstorming as many as I can that I really like along with the sort I think the folks behind the contest will go for based on the tone of past winners or running Late Show gags. Once the week is up, a decuple of winning submissions are chosen. They don’t get read on the show, keep in mind, simply posted on the web-site. Nowadays a T-shirt is the official prize, and presumably not a factory reject either.

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