Supe of the Day

Once upon a time, DC Comics established Superman’s birthday as Feb. 29th. That,
it was explained with tongue securely in cheek, accounted for why he still looked so young despite having been around since 1938.

Superman emerges through a hole torn in wall of brick and steel as bullets entering the frame ricochet off his chest.
Cover to new edition of Superman: Sunday Classics 1939-1943 © 2006 DC Comics.

Two bits of good news to celebrate: First, Ralph Cosentino has begun work on a book about the Man of Steel to follow up the lovely Batman effort I’ll soon review. Second, I noticed that local discount chain Five Below has a reissue, published by Sterling, of Kitchen Sink’s handsome collection of Sunday installments of the Superman newspaper strip for just half a sawbuck. Above is the nifty cover, illustrated by Peter Poplaski, evoking the styles of co-creator Joe Shuster and the classic Fleischer cartoons.

Happy Pseudo-Birthday, Kal!

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