Late and Mean

Well... Posting has become difficult again.

It’s never easy, but sometimes yet another new Blogger problem crops up or I forget about an old one because I’d been avoiding it for a spell or I just don’t have the patience to deal with the workarounds, repetition, and troubleshooting. And that’s when I put up the bottle of Devil Tylenol from Hell or its predecessor the Campbell’s soup can — which you may recall is an ancient Internet tradition begun by Mark Evanier that I now practice. It’s also when I share another batch of word-verification definitions if possible, a phenomenon explained on the dedicated page of this blog that collects them all to date.

ashible — [ash ih bull] adj. Made of such substance as will be reduced to powder by burning.

Boxidect™ — [boks ih dekt] It’s ten — tenten boxes in one!

caticeph — [kat ih sef] n. A being with a feline head.

compi — [kahm pi] n. Toast for a gratis helping of 3.14159 oz. of saké. (Ooh... Multilingual humor!)

dabless — 1. [duh bless] n. What dapriest does to daflock. 2. [dab liss] adj. Lacking hair product.

fergpod — [furg pahd] n. How new singers for The Black-Eyed Peas are grown.

fiersh — [feersh] excl. Drunk Christian Siriano’s catchphrase.

gatillin — [gat till in] v. Usin’ yer gun ta work the field ’cause y’ain’t got no rake.

healinc — [heel ink] n. A medical conglomerate.

inglid — [ing lid] n. Cap on a jar of gerunds.

merfloth — [mur floth] n. What a lisping sea siren uses for oral hygiene.

oxorber — [oks or bur] n. Collector of bovine eyeballs.

patizzle — [puh tih zull] n. Where Snoop Dogg enjoys his lemonade.

pumince — [poom inss] n. Finely chopped cougar.

radom — 1. [rad um] adj. Haphazardly missing letters. 2. n. [rah dum] Domain of the Egyptian sun god. 3. [rad ohm] n. Meditative chant used at nuclear power plants.

snall — [snall] n. Noise made by uppercrust English dogs.

subtr — [sub tr] v. Take away the last few letters of a word. (You can then put them in a test tube and separate them in a — wait for it — subtrfuge.)

TopoLido — [toh poh lee doh] Pool attraction featuring Aquaman’s octopus buddy at the Super Friends amusement park.


  1. I read "snall" in General Robert E. Lee's voice: "I do believe that cur has snalled at me... now, let us retire to the veranda for mint juleps, while there we can take turns charming the pants off one another."

    I'm not sure what happened at the end there.

    I do believe everyone said "I do believe" at the start of every sentence back then - it took a bit longer to say what you were saying - but, boy oh boy, was it ever worth it!


  2. I do believe you're right, Joan.

    So how well did you know the General?

  3. Great stuff as always, Blammer! I love fergpod and merfloth, but compi is genius. Cheers!