Casper, Wendy, and Richie Rich, in baseball gear, with their usual disproportionately large heads

I’ve been stockpiling material to share here for a while now. Maybe because other
stuff has felt more timely, I haven’t posted much on comics — but if I were a tag cloud that would probably be the biggest label on me.

For nearly 40 years, Western published a series called March of Comics with a rotating cast of such features as Donald Duck, Roy Rogers, Bugs Bunny, Little Lulu, and Woody Woodpecker, not all of them alliterative. I’m going to do my best to make this month a “March of Comics” on the blog. Almost every day should bring a review; anecdotes from my time spent reading comics, studying the art form, and working in the industry; or at least a gallery of favorite covers.

Since yesterday’s installment — what I hope will be the first in a series of essays on my relationship to comics — is focused on DC and Marvel, today I’m running the cover of a Harvey one-shot that celebrated the centennial of the National League; it was dated June but published in March 1976, per the Newsstand at Mike's Amazing World of Comics, as a special issue sporting a variety of covers spotlighting different NL teams. With spring training underway and my Phillies looking to repeat a World Series win, it’s especially apt, on top of being another personal golden oldie that I hadn’t seen for decades before tracking it down via The Grand Comics Database.

Cover to Richie Rich, Casper, and Wendy — National League © 1976 Harvey Comics. National
League icons ® Major League Baseball. Harvey characters and logos ® Harvey Comics.

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