DC in ’76

Cover to Our Army at War #295 © 1976 DC Comics.

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  1. I heart this so bad.

    Y'know, when you told me about Stefan's call for proposals that led to your "52 Geek-Out" posts, I thought of coming up with a roster of titles straight from my/our DC golden age — and I realized immediately that 33 of the 52, at least, were easily identifiable because of exactly this; a quick visit to Mike's AWODCC would help me flesh out the rest my skipping a month or so in either direction.

    I find it really interesting that covers for basically the entire Line of DC Super-Stars were provided by Ernie Chua/Chan, Joe Kubert, Luis Dominguez, and Dick Giordano, with a little Jim Aparo, Bob Oksner, and Mike Grell.