The Meaning of It All

My birthday ends at the stroke of midnight, and if you're up on your Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy then the title of this post will tell you just how many years it marked. There is, well, a double meaning to that title to boot; regular readers of the blog will recognize that it fits the pattern of my occasional volleys of word-verification definitions, collected (and explained for the uninitiated) at that link. I've taken to publishing these when I expect the blog to lie fallow for a spell, as well as simply when the mood strikes, but while I can see some things getting in the way of new posts here over the next couple of weeks I confess that I'm not yet sure to which scenario this entry applies.

androjor — [an dro jor] n. Robot duplicate of Superman's Kryptonian father.

bucritas — [buh kree tahss] pl. n. A Mexican dish made from pirate meat.

cobside — [kob syd] adj. Near an ear of corn.

dingdoc — [ding dok] n. Popular subgenre in Australian cinema of nature films featuring wild dogs.

entheist (1) — [en thee ist] n. One who worships the 14th letter of the English alphabet.

entheist (2) — [ent hiyst] n. 1. Theft from one of Tolkein's tree-people. 2. Break-in at an otorhinolaryngologist's office.

falsider — [fawls sy dur] n. A bogus hot apple drink.

harbity — [har bih tee] n. Living peacefully by the coastline.

litade — [lit aid] n. Cool summer drink made from water and freshly squeezed used books. (Talk about pulp!)

mispi — [miss py
v. "Three point one fiv— Wait! I mean... Ah, heck."

nforpork — [en for pork] n. Variable in a gastronomical word problem.

Parim — [par im] n. An average Purim.

predly — [pred lee] adj. Deadly in a predatory kind of way. "I think that dude over there is a vampire. I'm getting a predly vibe off him."

reesen — [rees in] v. Get your chocolate in my peanut butter, or vice versa.

sitare — [sih tair] n. A nasty look from Ravi Shankar.

Thesca™ — [thess kuh] Citrus diet soda made in Northeastern Greece.

unatier — [yoo nuh teer] n. A single shelf.


  1. Happy Birthday! Did you get a special massage from Santa, Brain?

  2. These were awesome as usual. Just "entheist (2)" alone was worth a donation to the blog in the form of trying to remember to do all of my Amazon holiday shopping through your link.

    said it personally too, but I might as well wish you a belated happy, or happy belated, birthday here, and I apologize for not being better about thoughtful comments.

  3. Folks should know, by the way, that Blam sent out awesome "Don't Panic!" E-cards to his old — in more than one way — friends who likewise turned 42 this year.

  4. A very belated Happy Birthday to you, good Blam! (I really need to pop over here more often...)


  5. @Joan — Yes, I did, as you know.
    @Arben — Thanks, pal!
    @Teebore — Well, I can't disagree, but it'd probably help traffic more in general if I had any kind of set publishing schedule.