The Garlicks Is Cookin'

Lea Hernandez has less than 48 hours to go in the campaign to raise money for her project The Garlicks on Indiegogo.

So, yeah, I'm putting up this post kind-of late, but that's no reflection on my enthusiasm. I also figured, maybe wrongly, that promoting the project towards the end rather than towards the beginning might be better. Anyway...

The Garlicks is the tale of young Pandora Garlick and her family. Pan's mom is a human who runs a butcher shop. Pan's dad is a vampire barista. Pan's baby sister, Ham, turns into a fishbat — that's right: a fishbat — while Pan can't turn into anything at all. But she can and does make comics inspired by her crazy life.

You can help Lea bring this project to fruition by donating as little as $1. For $5 you'll get a wallpaper image for your computer desktop and acknowledgment as a backer on the Garlicks website. For just $10, in addition to the acknowledgment, you'll get a PDF of the first Garlicks book and a fridge magnet. For $25 you'll get all that plus a published softcover of Book One with your name in it recognizing you as a backer — 60 full-color pages with an introduction from Jill Thompson, the divine creator of Magic Trixie (reviewed here in 2009) and Scary Godmother. Even better? Starting at $15 every contributor gets either a print of Ham the fishbat, as seen below, or one of Astro City writer/creator Kurt Busiek eating a bug. For $60, Lea will include a custom sketch of Kurt eating a bug of your choice. I can tell you that Kurt Busiek doesn't eat bugs for just anybody.

When I relaunched my ill-fated magazine Comicology with TwoMorrows
Publishing some dozen years ago, Lea provided one of the first issue's two great covers and three great interviews. (The other Q&As were with Bruce Timm and Jeph Loeb; I also talked to Stan Sakai for a feature story on Usagi Yojimbo and Kris Dresen for a piece on Manya. Timm did the other cover. I'll have a small number of copies of that issue for sale here someday soonish.) Lea was a treat 'n' a half to jaw with, and to my delight when I reconnected with her via Twitter this past summer I discovered that she was prepping a new series of all-ages graphic novels — looking better than anything I'd ever seen from her before, with a neat premise, drawn in an even more minimalist style reminiscent of Andi Watson. (You can, amazingly, read the first of her Texas Steampunk books, Cathedral Child, for free on at that link. Tipping her or, better yet, just contributing to The Garlicks would be a great way to say thanks.)

The Garlicks apparently had an earlier campaign through Kickstarter that generated some controversy within the larger context of crowdfunding and comics. I don't know much about that; as I've said here before, for the past decade or so I've been sadly but necessarily outside the comics industry and ignorant of much about Internetting too. What I do know is that Lea is a talented lady and has plenty of people in her corner hoping to read a copy of The Garlicks Book One of However Many She Wants to Make. She's not attempting to live off donations while daydreaming up nifty ideas but rather actively working on this project and planning to use the Indiegogo funds to publish it in an affordable format. You're paying a premium for the pride and pleasure of getting it into the hands of more people. Unlike with Kickstarter, Indiegogo campaigns provide the option of all monies going immediately to the project creator regardless of whether the target amount is met. The Kickstarter model makes a lot of sense in many cases, but I have no qualms about chipping in what I could for this.

The entire 6-page Garlicks "pilot" story is available to read at, where you'll also find a sketchbook page revealing The Garlicks' genesis — including the fact that their name was inspired by that of Archie Comics editor-in-chief Victor Gorelick — and other behind-the-scenes material. Lea is also serializing Book One in rough form there.

Images © 2012 and The Garlicks TM Lea Hernandez.


  1. I'm thinking I might up my contribution. Lea's stuff is great and this looks outta sight. I just wish I could afford to get you drawn in there. ^_^

  2. Did you ever get your backer reward? She doesnt reply and the comic is long overdue. I dont know what to do. I used to love this idea it saddens me.

  3. I passed your comment on to Lea and just heard back from her, Leola. "Please convey my sincere apologies," she wrote, adding that she's been dealing with some family issues that she wasn't comfortable airing in public. "I'm sure I'll be back at it by the end of this year. I'm sad it's taken so long, too."

    1. The end of the year came and went.

      I feel lied to and angry and have given up on crowd funding because of The Garlicks. I haven't forgotten you guys once a month message would change how I feel completely.


  4. I can understand your frustration. Honestly. Unfortunately, I have no connection to this project beyond being a backer and an acquaintance of the creator with no control over how quickly it moves.