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Screenshot of Word Verification box with prompt characters reading 'soctin'

I need to take my laptop in to get the DVD drive replaced one day soon. While I’m hoping to get some of the many nearly finished posts on hand published before then, here are more word-verification definitions in the meantime so Miss Peasy is no longer the first thing you see on the blog.

For the benefit of those friends and family members whose only exposure to the blogging world is this page right here, by the way, I’ve finally gotten the bright idea to take a screenshot of the world-verification form.

I just hopped over the comments page on another blog, since while I’m logged into my account I don’t have to type verification words on my own blog, and captured the relevant area for reproduction above. Were I actually leaving a comment, I’d have typed my thoughts into the white box and/or pasted them in from a TextEdit document, including, should a decent one have come to mind, a definition for the string of letters that showed up for word verification; in this case, that would’ve been the first line below.

soctin — n. A metal box for wool, cotton, or nylon footwear.

anharrit — v. What the mique shall do to the urrth.

BardaPH — The acidity content of Mister Miracle’s wife. [For comics fans only.]

Bonfoca — The miracle drug for astigmatism: Bonfoca. Ask your doctor about it today!

comeda — (1) n. The father of comedy. (2) phrase A Russian with limited English confirming that you should indeed follow them.

consoler — n. The person standing right over there, there.

cramocho — v. The act of stuffing eight Spanish items into a small area.

Dannick — Danica Patrick’s name at high speed.

dessi — n. An unfinished French drawing.

donsomp — v. Committing a dubious action down South: “Uh-oh. Now ah’ve gone an’ donsomp.”

eless — adj. 1. What I am far too often when the Internet connection conks out. 2. What the world will be if we don’t work to stop the tragedy of Global Vowel Dissolution. 3. What this sntnc (actually, fragmnt) is.

ExTru — What Eliza Dushku was after she was ExFaith and before she was ExEcho.

feconde — n. 1. A tie for first and second place. 2. An extremely quick pregnant pause.

Ingstan — A Middle Eastern nation of gerunds.

jintly — adv. How you put down something breakable in Australia or New Zealand.

lowytor — n. A lawyer who specializes in prosecuting loiterers.

lubjus — n. French beef stock used to reduce friction during lovemaking.

manemob — n. A throng of fans that attacks a teen idol because of his hair.

monab — n. What a dude with a six-pack (cf. “The Situation”) will have if he lets himself go.

ningic — n. Ninja magic. Duh.

parib — n. The bone of Adam’s from which Eve was made.

Phystio — A largely forgotten boxing magician popular in the late 1800s.

preAmons — pl. n. Really, really, really old Egyptian gods.

razonest — n. A very sharp birdie berth.

shantoss — n. An edict against throwing things.

Slyce — Stallone’s pizza shop.

theden — n. Where TheAntiSpaceCoalition gathers to watch thetelevision.

Trapp — The gripping true-life story of the family that inspired The Sound of Music.

undoghth — v. To transform someone back from canine to human form, in Shakespearean English: “Ver’ly, I must needs undoghth the prince / Ere king and queen returneth home this night. / The barking? No, ’tis not the wherefore hence; / But th’ ignominy shouldst they suff’r his bite.”

vashtipr — n. What a souse would call someone who leaves extremely large gratuities.

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