A whole mess of differently colored and patterned Super Balls

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  1. Cool blog, Blam! I've got it bookmarked now and will visit often.

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  3. ...downed most of three miniature cups of crème brûlée
    Your grandpa sounds like my kind of guy.
    Alec Bladwin is fantastic on 30Rock. The rest of the brothers are so weird. Each them in their own way.
    I was all about Ancient Egypt as a kid and then the Greek Myths which led to some nerdy 'imagines'. I won't embarrass myself or anyone reading this with the specifics.
    All this champagne talk reminded me of that pit-stop in the Amazing Race where that girl...Caitie? And her boyfriend...Igboo? had to make the pyramid with glasses. I hate them both. What mean-spirited little as...jerks they are. I really wanted the cowboys to win; the goofy red-head was my favorite. And that lady at the end who starts yelling at the DumbGirl...aye! Was that ever awkward and ineffective.

  4. Sorry for the comment on your Super Balls, Blam! ^_^

  5. Oh, how I ADORE D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths. Like you, I was enamored of Greek Myths as a child, and I still possess a very dogeared copy of Edith Hamilton's Mythology (a copy handed down to me by my dad) which I consider, along with the D'Aulaires book, one of my favorites of all time (their book on Norse mythology is pretty sweet, too).

    I wonder what the correlation between kids who love mythology and kids who love comics is? It's gotta be pretty close, doesn't it?

    It seems like if you're a good who gets into mythology you're easily drawn, in turn, to the modern myths of super hero comics.

  6. Super Balls, Greek mythology, old SNL sketches, Dave throwing stuff off the roof... Good stuff! You stock a holodeck with this stuff and it'd be my birthday every day.

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