Fixing a Hole

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  1. new events literally writing over older ones, with skipping around to find available disk space somewhat akin to the universe nipping and tucking events so that logical continuity is preserved up and down the timeline.


    Yeah...I'm going to need a napkin visual :)

    extradimensional alien toddler

    Haha! Did you read Under the Dome?

    This was well written and interesting piece, Blam Sandwich. I am surprised to say that about something you have done


  2. I suck at comments today (yes, today only, Blam-O), please insert the 'a' appropriately in my last comment.


  3. I am surprised to say that about something you have done

    Phoque You, Penguin!

  4. This was good, but it was so much more epic in person. Seriously. My brain started leaking out of my ear :)


  5. E.T. Phone Joan: Did you read Under the Dome?

    No. I got the "extradimensional alien toddler" thing from some Outer Limits or Twilight Zone episode or some such thing (I think).

    SMIERT: This was good, but it was so much more epic in person.

    Y'know, I considered driving four-plus hours in the car, starving myself for company and food, dimming the lights, putting on organ music, and explaining it all excitedly without notes (save for pen and napkin), but I had a lot of the post already written, I'm not sure my webcam does video, and, let's face it, lightning doesn't strike twice.

  6. "It only ends once."

    Up late after a tough night with sick kids and just saw tonight's Lost... I didn't realize that your post didn't reflect tonight's episode, but still, (1) awesome episode and (2) awesome theory that (3) totally could still work except for the postscript about Jacob & Esau (and even that's not necessarily invalidated).

    Ya blew my mind, Blam, especially:

    Do you suppose the original timeline is "backed up" somewhere and could be restored?


    Verification: intin — Where the cookies are? French comics hero missing his T? Where Tony Stark feels safest?

  7. I just stalked on by and wasn't going to leave a comment - until I got this

    VW: Honan

    This is the sad tale of what happened to Conan the Barbarian after the skin sagged, the muscle softened and the world was done with him. He still to this day waves his sword around but now it is a sad and sordid thing.

  8. Wow. Fantastic theory, Blam. I love the concept that the altered timeline exists in this dimension, and that maybe it's going to catch up to the present (whenever that is). And in light of last night's episode (Life, Death, Rebirth, and so on), perhaps the timeline has suffered a 'rebirth'. Also, like Arben, I love the 'reality backup' concept as well. Really excellent work, Blam. Thanks for sharing the theory!

  9. If this isn't the "real" answer, I will always pretend it is, because it is just that epic. And I understand it. Most of the time.

    Thanks for putting this up! :D I enjoyed closing my eyes and imagining The Napkin.

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  11. 佳喬: 與人相處不妨多用眼睛說話,多用嘴巴思考

    I think he's talking to you, Orange Traffic Joan.

    Thanks for the kind comments, everybody else!

  12. Blam! I thought you were serious! Gah!

    HAhaha! Each little dot there goes to a different site. One said "Youbube". *snicker*

    "Is together might as well the multipurpose eye with the human to speak, multipurpose mouth ponder"

    Mmm, yes, 'multipurpose mouth ponder' has always been my favorite phrase...


  13. "Is together might as well the multipurpose eye with the human to speak, multipurpose mouth ponder"

    That's what Yahoo's Babel Fish gives you. Google Translate has this:

    "Get along with others may wish to talk more with your eyes, think more with his mouth."

    Do you suppose that last part has to do with eating brains?


  14. PS: Do not click our Chinese friend's ellipses, folks! At least don't click on 'em in a public place and without Private Browsing turned on (or whatever the non-Safari equivalent is that doesn't add sites to your history); even then, you probably don't want to go there. I usually delete this spam, but not always, and last time I left one up Mrs. Crawford expressed her delight with my international audience; I should have known better than to make the above remark, because she can't help poking things that intrigue her.

  15. ...because she can't help poking things that intrigue her.

    Which can make for some really awkward situations, as Blam-Bake can attest.

    wish to talk more with your eyes, think more with his mouth

    I'm pretty sure they are talking about zombies and so I am put-off by the sexy-time stuff. We're dealing with zombies! Focus, this sort of ninnery will get you killed! And if there's anything you can get from Internet porn, it's good eye contact for that soulful connection, "Hey, she really likes me, look at us wish to talk more with our eyes!"

  16. You know, I thought you had a lost me (pun intended) for a bit in the middle there, but by the end, I was fully on board with what you're saying.

    Fascinating stuff, and I particularly like the way this explanation for the sideways world uses previously established knowledge (Desmond and course correcting).

    The idea that course-correcting worked itself backwards as well as forwards is probably the best explanation I've read for the pre-1977 deviation in the sideways timeline.