Jango Bells

Three snowmen on a lawn: one with traditional buttons, hat, etc.; one made up to be a penguin; and one with Boba Fett helmet for head

I brainstormed the following list a few years ago on a lark. While I shared on Twitter and Facebook, I didn’t here at the time because I knew activity would be light and wasn’t keen to have dated Yuletide content atop the front page year-round. Posting it now is relevant to the cultural moment, of course, but also helps ensure that I finally get crackin’ on the blog again so we don’t have to keep looking at…

My Top Eleven Star Wars Holiday Songs

11. “Silent Night, Carbonite”

10. “Here We Come a-Wookieeing”

9. “O Little Town of Walrus Men”

8. “Winter Wampaland”

7. “X-Wings We Have Heard on High”

6. “Santa Claus Is Coming, Tauntauns”

5. “Boba, It’s Cold Outside”

4. “Alderaan for Christmas”

3. “I Have a Little ’Saber”

2. “O Come, All Ye Force Ghosts”

And My Number One Star Wars Holiday Song…

1. “Grand Moff Got Run Over by a Reindeer”

Photo © 2013 Melissa Billings. Boba Fett ® Lucasfilm.

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  1. "Leia, Did You Know?"
    "Darth the Herald Vader Sings"
    "God Rest You, Midi-Chlorians"

  2. These are (still) great, BTW.

  3. "I Wish You Could Be a Sith, Miss"
    "Sand Crawlers Are Coming to Town"