A Swamp Thing Happened
on the Way to the Forum

Watching the Tony Awards telecast last Sunday, I found myself coming up with
comics-related twists on the titles of various plays and musicals. The game continued for several days until my list grew long enough to split into two — one for DC, one for Marvel (next post) — even after paring down by about half. Some entries are more accessible to non-comics-reading folks than others; the only rule was passing over titles that wouldn’t need to be changed at all, such as Man and Superman.

Now take your seats for my...

Top Twenty DC Comics Broadway Mashups

20. Riddler on the Roof

19. My Fair Lady Blackhawk

18. Ain’t Mister Mxyzptlk

17. Captain Carrot and His Amazing Technicolor Zoo Crew

16. The Justice League of American Buffalos

15. Koriand'rolanus

14. Same Time, One Year Later

13. Glengarry Pete Ross

12. Bizarro #1 Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Next

11. Oedipus Rex Mason

10. Joker’s Shop of Horrors

9. The 52-Week Itch

8. Kiss Me, Kent

7. Pal Jimmy

6. Arsenic and Lois Lane

5. Catwoman on a Hot Tin Roof

4. Darkseid Story

3. Six Characters in Search of Lex Luthor

2. Mamma Mera!

And the Number One DC Comics Broadway Mashup...

1. How to Succeed as Batman Without Really Flying

Make sure you check out Marvel Comics on Broadway in the next post — and see a dozen of my honorable (?) mentions in the comments below, where you can share your own!

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  2. That should be twelve, of course; I blame Friday the 13th.