Plankwalk Empire

Last Thursday was International “Talk Like a Pirate” Day, and Comedy Central’s @Midnight celebrated with an appropriate Hashtag Wars segment [bad link] . As current as it is, the show tapes a little while before it actually airs to allow for editing, so the producers post the subject of each night’s segment on Twitter at about 11:30 p.m. ET and invite fans to join the fun early. My old buddy and occasional Blam’s Blog commenter Arben noticed the night’s subject, liked it, and gave me a heads-up so that I could brainstorm along with him, then graciously let me to add some of his entries to mine for publication here for a total of our...

Top Twelve Pirate TV Shows

12. The Plunder Years

11. One and a Half Legs

10. So You Think You Can Penzance

9. The Avast-Me-Hearty Boys

8. Doubloony Tunes

7. It’s Always Sunny in Pittsburgh (oops... wrong Pirates)

6. C-S-Eyepatch

5. Smee’s Company

4. Mappy Days

3. Laverne and Scurvy

2. Shark Tank

And the Number One Pirate TV Show...

1. Orangebeard Is the New Blackbeard

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