Make Like a Tree

Groot might have been the breakout star of this past summer. I suppose to a broader extent he’s one half of it — er, them — as part of a tandem with his pal Rocket. Or perhaps the honor goes to the entire headlining quintet of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Giant tree creature terrorizing a city block, wooden tendrils everywhere -- Groot, the Monster from Planet X
Cover of Tales to Astonish #13 [digital] © 1960 and Groot TM Marvel
Comics. Pencils: Jack Kirby. Inks: Steve Ditko. Colors: Stan
Goldberg. Letters: Artie Simek. Script: Stan Lee.

You may be surprised to learn that Groot first appeared in a short one-and-done
story during Marvel’s non-superhero, anthology era, and that he was hardly of a limited vocabulary. John DiBello has a great article up at 13th Dimension covering Groot’s debut and revival as part of the Marvel Universe plus an utterly delightful detour into similar creatures on page and screen.

I’m still amazed that these characters appeared in a giant mega-budgeted franchise blockbuster tentpole buzzword hoohah, so I’ll share a couple more delightful things in the form of GOTG’s Japanese trailer and — in case you somehow missed it making the rounds — the “magic button” that will Grootify your browser.

[Update: Since the latter two links have gone bad now, here’s a fake ad your humble blogger put together in advance of the sequel.]

Iams -- The only cat food Groot asks for by name... almost

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