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I came across the Hulk sketch below after the Update-a-Tron comics-weblog aggregator prompted me to peruse Evan Dorkin’s LiveJournal blog for the first time in a while.

Drawing of Hulk in colored pencil saying ''Hulk in no mood for your shit.''
Art © 2011 Evan Dorkin. The Hulk ® Marvel.

My curiosity was piqued over what Dorkin had to say about his sketch of Peeper, an extremely throwaway Jack Kirby creation. The stream-of-consciousness post reads like a less choreographed, non-fiction prose version of one of Dorkin’s Eltingville strips, mixing the mirthful delight of pure-id fantasy with the melancholy of reality. When it became clear that there was far more fun stuff than I had time to spend scrolling through — a perennial refrain — I grabbed the Hulk sketch to share and left. Yes, I mostly stick to a self-imposed ban on outright swearing here, but I can’t bowdlerize Dorkin’s art.

Just the other day, I mused about starting up an Existential Hulk feed on Twitter. I quickly had to admit that I don’t possess the figurative or literal bandwidth at the moment and that somebody must already be doing such a thing, but it was a fun, fleeting daydream while it lasted. A quick search confirms that there are loads of Hulk feeds on Twitter — including a Buddhist Hulk and Hamlet Hulk, albeit no Existential Hulk per semany of them helpfully catalogued by Jason Kottke, whose cabinet of wonders merits further poking around. I think that Editor Hulk is my favorite based on a short sampling of each, although the Drunk Hulk example on Kottke’s page is outright hilarious with bonus points for sticking with stereotypical Hulk-speak, which several otherwise entertaining feeds don’t really do successfully.

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