A Bird in Hand

I ran a history of Robin in Comicology Vol. II #1 (Spring 2000).

Large figure of the young original Robin against a cityscape with smaller figures of Dick Grayson as Nightwing, Carrie Kelley as Robin, and Tim Drake as Robin around him
Art to cover of Comicology Vol. II #1 © 2000 Bruce Timm. Characters depicted
are trademarks of DC Comics. Comicology is a trademark of Harbor Studios.

What saw publication was an abridged version — long story and lingering frustration
— but a fuller piece titled “Six Decades of Richard Grayson” went up on the magazine’s website. Has anyone reading this by chance saved the text of that?

I’ve yet to get my old, dead computer from those days looked at to see if files can be salvaged from the hard drive, and my backups are also inaccessible right now. Several years ago I found cached pages of the website from that period, including the piece in question, via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine but I tried that again the other day and there’s now a message saying those pages can’t be crawled or displayed. (The comicology.com domain was bought out from under me when I missed renewal notices during a move complicated by health issues.)

I’m asking because a friend could make use of the piece if we get a copy in a timely manner. You would receive at minimum a thank-you in print should it get used and
my gratitude regardless.

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