The Missing Links

Photo of Jay Walker's Library: Andrew Moore for Wired © 2008.

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  1. all it really makes sense to do before the All-Star break is thrill to the victories and shrug at the defeats with an eye to the future.

    While I can't disagree, I still have a bad feeling about my Twins this year...

    I direct you to a not-safe-for-work-or-kids list put together by cartoonist extraordinaire Ty Templeton of male members either inadvertently or intentionally suggested in comics- and animation-related artwork

    That Castle Grayskull playset was the centerpiece of my playtime for many, many years as a kid and I never noticed the penis before.

    I can't decide if that fills me with pride or shame...

  2. @Teebore: I was going to say that this is bad time to be a Twins fan, but if you're a real fan you have no choice in the matter. We've struggled through plenty of pathetic Phillies patches, believe you me. I click around the MLB sites from time to time and just read a dispatch titled "Gardenhire emphasizing baserunning basics" — which really makes the team sound more Keystone Kops than it is, but when you're literally not hitting the ball you can't be metaphorically (or, of course, literally) dropping it either. Good luck!

    VW: clesp — A latch used to join the sides of a prominently dimpled chin.

  3. Nice smorgasbord, Blam! I like these all-over posts, although most of the segments could easily stand on their own.

    3nuts: This is sad and brilliant.

    Up Premake: This is just brilliant. I love this guy's work. His 1950s Avengers trailer makes me despair of ever doing anything so clever.

    Zoic Studios: Yeah, I hated the animation in that Fringe ep, too. (I'll get to commenting on the Fringe posts soon, I promise.)

    Chuck: We're really behind on this, but I appreciate your insights.

    Geek-History Library: O... M... G...

    "Little Thor": This would have been awesome just as a straight take on the Volkswagen ad, but the ending makes it worthy of John Boehner's gavel.

    Phillies: Well, I'd have loved to be #1 all through April, but I'll take falling behind for a nonce and then coming back to tied for first in the majors and a franchise best-ever for the month. (Sorry, Teebore!)

    Donald Duck: Lots of cartoon characters have done that bit, covering themselves up when they're "naked" even though they basically never wear anything. My favorite weirdness, though, is when one of them gets his fur or feathers blown off and gets modest about being seen in his actual skin.

    Hidden Schvantzes: This is even better for having come from Templeton, although now you have me clicking through his Bunny strips.

    VW: gradrec — After-commencement party.

  4. @Arben: just read a dispatch titled "Gardenhire emphasizing baserunning basics" — which really makes the team sound more Keystone Kops than it is

    Yeah, the common joke 'round these parts this week was that hopefully the Twins spent their days off practicing fielding rundowns, as this season they've made that relatively easy out look as hard to turn as a triple play.

    Like it or not, I am indeed in for the long haul. It's just not an easy time to be a MN sports fan in general, with the Wild unable to make the playoffs in a sport where damn near everyone does, the Timberwolves consistently playing like the worst high school basketball team, the Vikings on the verge of hightailing it to LA (or some other place that will build them a stadium) and the Twins, our one reliable source of positive sports the last ten years or so (even if we can't win a danged playoff series...) playing like a bunch scrubs.

    I'll stop my whining now...