Stocking Stuff

David Bowie and Bing Crosby singing together in front of Christmas tree

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  1. [Warning: Dried camel testicles.]

    Aha! Reverse psychology! Interest piqued!
    Nice collection o' stuff as always, Blam; sorry you're having so damn much trouble putting together an awesome blog.

  2. PS: The Clayton Moore story was especially good this year.

    VW: expipond — A small body of water used for atonement.

  3. the weird, haunting, classic David Bowie & Bing Crosby duet

    I don't know if it was just his voice, his glassy eyes, his snaggleteeth, or what, but until he got, well, kind-of old, Bowie was even scarier dressed "straight" than he was as Ziggy Stardust or Aladdin Sane.

  4. I can't believe how well Santa knew both of us. You with your shower- peeing, me with my wonderful ways.

    VW: Witty and Handsome

    Psst, Arben, you remind me of the babe...

  5. Uh, Babe Ruth?
    I can assure you I'm all man.

  6. Psst, Arben, you remind me of the babe...

    Ooh! Ooh! Am I the babe? ^_^

    I can assure you that I have no man in me at all (well, on rare occasions if the right one is around, but mostly I'm a full-on lesbo).

    VW: runcess — After-lunch playtime where you're not allowed to walk.

  7. LOL! This is the most wonderful misunderstanding I've come across in a dog's age.

    What I was referring to was David Bowie in Labyrinth and I was hoping to have a quotation interaction with you. Because I am so desperately, desperately lonely...


    :D I kid, I kid!

    It would have gone like this:

    "You remind me of the babe"
    "What babe?"
    "The babe with the power"


    Saying someone reminds you of Babe Ruth is the a wonderfully ambiguous comment. It could be a great compliment or you could say it with malice in your heart. I like that a lot.

    And El Que! Hahaha! Thank you for that.

    And you're absolutely the babe, as if you need to hear it from this guy.

  8. Goddamn extra 'the' in my comment - I could kick you!

    VW: Redizoot - Prêt-à-Porter zoot suits.

  9. That video from Joan was too hilarious! Very belated Merry Christmas!

    @Joan What power? The Power of Voodoo! Who do? You do! Do what? REMIND ME OF THE BABE!

    VW: counk - to fall asleep on the couch

  10. @Rebecca!


    I honestly am thrilled whenever I successfully and randomly get to do that with someone. Thank you!

  11. "You remind me of the babe"
    "What babe?"
    "The babe with the power"

    How did I miss that? I luvs me the Labyrinth and that sequence in particular.