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Christmas is here. I wish you a day of peace.

Robed men gazing and pointing at starry night sky with caption, 'Oh, I am so blogging about this.'
Image © 2005 David Malki.

Are you perchance dreaming of a Betty White Christmas? The saucy gal, whose
shtick these days melds the randiness of her Sue Ann from The Mary Tyler Moore Show with the cluelessness of her Rose from The Golden Girls to great comedic effect, dropped by The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Monday night. While the seams showed a bit — I’m guessing not enough rehearsal time to memorize the lines or know what to riff on, hence the slight hiccups in dialogue betwixt her and Craig — she remains a national treasure. [bad link]

If you can’t wait for 24 to begin next month, you might enjoy the video from Rebel Virals wherein Jack Bauer meets Santa Claus — almost too well done to be funny. [1:57]

Darlene Love’s annual performance of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
on The Late Show with David Letterman aired Wednesday night. Her performance followed a guest segment with Alec Baldwin and Jay Thomas’ visit for
the famed Christmas Quarterback Challenge. I sincerely look forward to both traditions each year. Although Dave knocked the meatball off the Ed Sullivan Theater’s Christmas tree — before his pal even fired a shot — Jay’s recap of the segment’s history and his anecdote about misadventures with Clayton Moore, TV’s Lone Ranger, were among the best to date. Who ever thought that David Letterman would be associated with sincerity and tradition? [bad links]

Wondermark has somehow escaped mention on the blog ere now, despite the webcomic being a modern classic. David Malki’s twisted brainchild is the source of the single funniest holiday card I received this season. Collections may be reviewed here one of these days, but a tryptophanic stupor is the perfect state in which to check out a favorite strip of the author’s, start browsing from there, and maybe order a little post-holiday gift for yourself.

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