a self-portrait of the artist
approaching middle age

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  2. Yeah, I'm with LK, Blam: The eyes look weird.
    And I wish you lots of happy sunsets in your blogging years.

    VW: backrasm — Oh, I'm gonna get in trouble for this one. Why do I always get skeevy word verifications?

  3. Happy Birthday Blam! Apparently dimples are like wine and only improve with age ;)
    So...are you going to tell us where to go when this blog is done? Not there, Blam. I mean where we can continue to stalk you.

    ...or hollow their soul.
    Aw, I always appreciate a shout-out.

  4. Happy and Healthy, old friend.

    I met West and Ward this past weekend.

    Now that's old.

  5. Happy birthday, Brian. I enjoy reading your blog.

  6. Happy Birthday! :D

    VW: blect- the feeling of watching the world around you grow old- also, the taste of a moldy tuna fish sandwich

  7. Hooray! Blam is back!

    Happy (belated) Birthday!

    As I will be turning (don't shoot me) 30 next year, your musings on age strike close to home for me as I approach a similar (albeit lesser) benchmark. For whatever reasons, those roads less traveled and paths not taken seem more poignant at these "ending in zero" years...

    Looking forward to what you have in store for us!