Mini-Slog with Meaning

equit — [ee kwit] v. Take a sabbatical from online activity.

can of Campbell's Bean with Bacon soup against starry void of space

I’m sorry to have gone so long without a post. No-one misses regular activity on this blog more than I do, but it looks as though I’ll be in hibernation mode here for a while yet. Up goes the infamous Campbell’s soup can once more.

The can is an ancient Internet tradition started by Mark Evanier, as my faithful
readers know — heck, they (perhaps you) may have come to expect that very phrase. Evanier’s blog News from ME is one great place to spend the time you might otherwise spend here if your interests are anything like mine. You might also take this opportunity to poke around the Blam’s Blog archives, which should turn up further distractions. When I return to active posting, if not before, I hope to finally install a blogroll of recommended haunts as well as some pages that organize and highlight parts of this blog.

I wish I hadn’t had to “equit” so completely. While I’d already figured that July
would see me stepping back from blogging, however — due to a bounty of family visiting, including my sister and her kids (of whom I cannot get enough, no matter the toll it takes on my crumbling bodily infrastructure) — the past month has been little more than an exercise in frustration when it comes to online activity. Posts were getting published late or not at all, due to my laptop’s inability to maintain a decent Internet connection for an appreciable length of time, even though that didn’t keep me from spending precious energy on putting them together when I could and should have been spending more of that energy on other projects.

Among those projects is a separate blog dedicated to my past and present writing
on comics, including material removed from Blam’s Blog after it became clear who the vandals attacking the blog were and, inasmuch as I can or want to understand the actions of such small-minded schmucks, why they were doing so. I’m no more or less able to publish posts on the new blog than here, but there’s lots of offline work to be done in terms of transcribing old articles that either don’t exist on disk or are unreadable on my current setup if they do. Some of that work doubles as preparation for a book of interviews conducted during my career as a comics journalist for such outlets as the venerable Comics Buyer’s Guide; Comicscrypt, the weekly newsletter of Fat Jack’s Comicrypt, one of the Philadelphia area’s great comics shops; and my own magazine Comicology. I also probably have to commit to a wireless Internet plan for my laptop as Comcast has yet to boost the cable signal to my residence from what by its own admission is an insufficient reading (also the source, to use that word ironically,
of the programming my television is supposed to receive).

So that’s the mini-slog part of this post’s title. As those aforementioned, proverbial,
and possibly apocryphal faithful readers know, “slog” is my coined contraction for State of the Blog, as first seen in my appropriately titled post “The Slog”. Now it’s on to the meaning. Said faithful readers likely also know that periodically, and often timed to blogging hiatuses, I will offer up a list of verification-word definitions. For the lowdown on what these are, you may consult this blog’s very first stand-alone page — where I’ve assembled all such definitions to date in one convenient place, including the batch below, and which will be updated whenever I post new installments. I hope that your summer is going swimmingly, sunningly, or otherwise splendidly through whatever indulgences or traditions the season brings, and I look forward to a swift
and substantial return to the blogosphere.

afflu — [ah floo] n. Virus commonly caught by Matt Damon and Jennifer Garner.

auxuxe — [awksyooks] n. Ukeleles reserved for emergencies.

bilatin — 1. [by lay tin] v. Workin’ that two-party magic. 2. [by lah tin] n. Version of Pig Latin used as code amongst the set that has, as Woody Allen put it, twice as many potential dates on a Saturday night.

cansidal — [kan syd ahl] adj. Of and/or relating to the material printed on condensed-soup containers.

cheness — [chay ness] n. Qualities held by Sr. Guevara.

defiblex — [dee fib leks] v. How to stop Luthor’s heart arrhythmia.

delitai — [deh lee ty] n. Enormously unsuccessful cocktail made from rum, fruit juices, and cold cuts.

eusnots — [ee yoo snots; yoo snots] pl. n. Stuck-up folks from abroad.

fanti — [fan ty] 1. adj. Admiring yet in opposition. 2. pl. n. More than one bargain-brand soda.

grandunc — [grand unk] n. Your mom’s or dad’s mom’s or dad’s bro.

HawnIs — [hawn iz] Goldie’s Facebook setting.

hextrine — [heks tryn] n. Six threes.

IMManor — [ey em mahn ur] What the folks who got rich from developing instant messaging call their estate.

maxic — [maks ik] adj. Of and/or concerning ankle-length skirts, feminine-hygiene pads, or the main character of Where the Wild Things Are.

mormant — [mohr munt] n. The exact second you realize you’re dead.

notessn. 1. [noh tess] A lady jotter-downer. 2. [naht ess] bee, cee, dee, arr, tee, vee, etc.

oclamo — [oh klam oh] excl. Invocation of the great mollusk god.

ovenba — [uh ven bah] n. What you don’t want to hear when cooking lamb.

pargenes — [pahr jeenz] pl. n. DNA that results in average looks and intelligence.

retio — [reh tee oh; reh shyoh] n. Comparison of one eyeball tissue to another.

sioused — [soost] adj. All wet from a Native Dakotan rain dance.

spolis — [spoh liz] pl. n. What beglons to the vitcors.

tatriot — [tay tree ott] n. A spud that’s true to its country.

unons — [uhn awnz] pl. n. The technical term for off switches.

verment — [ver ment] v. Let a New England state break down chemically into alcohol.

yediv — [yee div] n. Opposite of yemult, learnt after yeadd and yesub.

yistable — [yih stay bul] n. Where yikeep yihorses.


  1. Yibrilliant!

    I'm glad you put all the VWs together in one place. Now I have another quick link to a good laugh when I need one. And I hope you're back to posting soon, even if I don't comment as often as I should.

    Honest-to-Gosh Faithful Reader

    VW: Mentsel — Hansel and Gretel's genius brother.

  2. Elvis' Gold Blamé Suit -

    I found a site that reminded me of you the other day as well. No, no, not the Chinese Philosophical Porn site! This one:

    Some of them are Horrific Groaners but others are rather clever and others are too smart for my own good.

    By which I mean that I don't get them but I imagine you would activate your dimples and chortle snootily* at them. So after furrowing my brow and slapping the computer angrily, I bookmarked it for you.

    *I didn't really mean that part :D

    This is you 8^:)

    Those are dimples, not really low nostrils (as I am sure you have to explain all the time).

  3. P.P.S. That's post post script! Look how I go above and beyond! I learned how to do the e with an accent just for you! I forget now what it was but dammit, I held it in my goldfish memory just for you for a good 10 minutes!

  4. So many of those were so good... I'm snortling over here.

    Though, it is sad that you will be gone again :( Though, I completely understand it.

    Hope all goes well with your summer too! :D


  5. The latest morsels of enlightenment from the Chinese Porn Spamming Brigade, whose actual comments (with inappropriate hyperlinks) have been deleted:

    intention of operating the blog ~ ^ ^ refueling

    Can impart knowledge, wisdom can not. Each person must be his own.

    la ~ fast work to ask a security, say hello to you

    And hello to you. Your post was up almost an entire day, so my security is not fast work enough.


  6. Yibrilliant!

    Yitookind, Arben... I've been assured that technically I register as no more than mildly genius — perhaps on a par with Mentsel. What do you supposed he dropped in the woods?


  7. I'm snortling over here.

    Don't choke on any imaginary cookies, AH. 8^)

    I don't get them but I imagine you would activate your dimples and chortle snootily* at them.

    Aching Hope coined "snortling" (or, actually, didn't, as my curiosity got the better of me and a Google search turned it up at Urban Dictionary and even Wiktionary; Lewis Carroll would be proud); I think you can just say "chootle".

    P.P.S. That's post post script! Look how I go above and beyond! I learned how to do the e with an accent just for you! I forget now what it was but dammit, I held it in my goldfish memory just for you for a good 10 minutes!

    I'm so flattered, Davy Joan's Locker. You could've pressed it into service for a better pun, though. Maybe you should stick with the ham references? Also, I think you need to have a postscript before you can add a postpostscript, but it's the thought that counts. É for effort. 8^)

  8. Hey, Blam, I think this one might've been an actual comment:

    intention of operating the blog ~ ^ ^ refueling


  9. Are you kidding me, Deviled Bleggs*? I am so proud of myself when I finally get one that isn't from my hill of ham puns. Ham Hill. Let's live there, friends and pass our days in delight in the land of ham and honey!

    Ha! I did forget the p.s.! Very well, here is the Pre Post Post Script:

    P.P.P.S. I would think such a good shot as yourself, Mon Blamie Américain, would not delight in picking off an easy mark like me.

    *It has to be ham! IT HAS TO BE!

  10. I think when boys tease you it really means they like you, Joan. Blam's not usually that rude, so he must seriously like you. Hubba-hubba! ^_^

    P.P.S. (Pre-Post Script): Not to be rude myself, but as an OCD multi-linguist, I must point out that you feminized our dear boy in "Blamie" although you got the "Américain" right (and nice going with the accent aigu, by the way).

  11. What's this about Chinese Porn? Wait, what?

    Hey, look over there! It's Joan, and she'd doing stuff!

    Enjoy your time away, sir. We await your return with baited (though pleasantly fresh) breath.

  12. So glad you're back, Blam! I missed you!

    You and Miss Joan: Two hams who just can't be cured.

    Word Verf: matesi : Yes, I have a Senor – and mucho hermoso he is too.

  13. I love your list. :)

    VW: wroun: using the wrong noun