The Doodles Abide

Google’s logo of the day is a weird one. I wish you luck clicking on it to find out what it represents...

'Google' spelled out in letters composed of discrete circles of varying sizes that get slightly darker and lighter with a kind of watercolor look

There have been a few articles speculating on its meaning, but I suspect we won’t hear anything from official sources for a while yet.

Google Doodle of Popeye laying a big punch on letters sending a bunch of spinach towards him
Google Doodle for lunar festival Tsukimi with rabbits looking up at sky

I first linked to a Google Doodle on Dr. Seuss’ 105th birthday last year. Scores of specialty logos have adorned Google’s home page since then. A wide variety of inventive or just plain attractive ones have caught my eye — marking events from the solar eclipse to the 115th birthday of E.C. Segar, creator of the comic strip Thimble Theatre and its most famous alumnus, Popeye. Many of them are nation-specific, like Jennifer Hom’s logo for Tsukimi, a Japanese festival observing the harvest moon; the dozen honoring 40 years of Sesame Street are particularly fun and varied by country.

Google Doodle with Snoopy and Woodstock in chef's gear among the letters about to carve a roast turkey
Google Doodle of bar code Google Doodle with two Ls replaced by the legs of Big Bird

Other pop-culture creations seen in specialized logos over the past year include DC Comics superheroes during the 40th annual San Diego Comic-Con, Peanuts’ Snoopy and Woodstock at Thanksgiving, and the Astérix characters on their 50th anniversary. While not necessarily as colorful, some designs that I find particularly lovely and/or innovative have commemorated such varied occasions as the 105th birthday of poet and diplomat Pablo Neruda, the anniversary of the issuing of the bar-code patent, and the annual Perseid meteor shower.

Google Doodle of man writing by shoreline with moon on horizon
Google Doodle with meteor shower in night sky above silhouetted rooftops

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