Knives, Chow

'Machete' poster

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  1. Blam, my good man! I just stopped by for a dose of your singluar charm - or possibly a recipe for some fine guacamole. Finding no pulverized avocado, I feasted instead on some crackling cinematic commentary. All of the films mentioned have been on my list for a while: I had actually read some positive press on the success of The Expendables with suitably lowered expectations, my sweetheart and I had been looking forward to Piranha 3D primarily since Adam Scott from Party Down was in the cast and I had wanted to see Machete just to puzzle over how they managed to turn David Eggar's A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius into a movie.

    Superb analysis and good to see you are still swinging from the hips. Keep those elbows in, Old Bean!