Lightning Round

'Shazam!' logo over screencap of Jackson Bostwick as Captain Marvel in 1975

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  1. I have always loved thunderstorms. My parents might correct me, but I honestly can't ever remember being scared of them. I love to sit in our picture window and just watch it rain and lightning.

    I'll have to go find that ep of Bones. We watch it very occasionally and I didn't see that one :)

    VW: execrat - a former aristocrat

  2. Blam-Wow! (Don't be fooled by impostors!)

    I've been a terrible stalker as of late. You deserve more creepy dedication; I've got to up my game.

    VW: Hinger

    A lingering hinky feeling. I've got a hinger something isn't right here. Oh, right, there's Joan.

    Hmm, it seems Blogger won't accept this comment as it claims my VFs don't match up.

    VW II: Dembernu

    A word I would use when pretending to speak French. "Oui, Je suis une dembernu, vraiment!"

  3. I loves me some Filmation Shazam!

  4. I love thunderstorms too! Unless I'm outside in the middle of them.