Meaning Less

Yesterday the can of Campbell’s soup went up in the sidebar to signify that posts
are backed up and slow with the going. I’ve been under the weather and less productive than usual lately, perhaps as a cosmic reminder not to make grand plans. On top of that, my Internet connection turned equally lethargic today.

So while things will hopefully get up to speed again soon I wanted to at least publish this note as preamble to a batch of word-verification definitions. Faithful readers are familiar with the exercise; anyone who isn’t can find an explanation in a page on the blog collecting all such entries to date.

As suggested by my title, I’m running out of content for these posts, largely because of Blogger’s switch earlier this year to a different verification mechanism that prompts fewer imagined definitions from me. The next installment in this series will probably
be the last.

assfu — [ass foo] n. Martial art based on literally kicking your opponent’s butt.

bininsic — [bin in sik] phr. Quick explanation for lack of activity outside the home.

compery — [kom puh ree] n. Rackin’ up freebies.

dectus — [dek tuss] n. A catcus as big as ten normal cacti.

Essencei™ — [eh sen say] The cologne for hard-working dojo masters. “You chop the sandalwood in half. We combine its fragrant oil with hints of strawberry and musk. Essencei.”

extoc — [eks tok] 1. v. How to leave Orange County. 2. n. A former table of contents. 3. n. A divorced clockmaker.

heirdays — [air daiz] pl.n. Celebrations of those who will inherit what’s yours when you’re gone.

incesect — [in seh sekt] n. A bug who does it with his/her family.

Mixen — [mik sin] Santa’s bartending reindeer.

natants — [nayt nts] pl.n. Mutants whose strange looks and abilities are manifested immediately at birth.

opmew — [ahp myoo] n. The commentary section in cat newspapers.

presi — [pree see] v. Anticipate that someone is going to answer in the affirmative, en español.

quang — [kwang] SFX The sound a frying pan hitting a duck.

sistrad — [sis trad] n. Group of female siblings.

squidre — [skwy dur] n. A young nobleman in charge of keeping cephalopods; contraction of “squid squire”.

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