See You Next B'ak'tun!

Mockup of 'Weekly World News' cover headlined 'Nostradamus Predicts: The End of the World As We Know It!' with other lyrics of that REM song

I got the above from the blog of Nikki Stafford, who doesn't know the source. Google image searches aren't turning up anything. Of course I realize that the world is not ending and that in fact all the apocalyptic frenzy is actually misinterpretation, playfully willful or other-wise, of the Mayan Long-Count Calendar, but just in c


  1. Ha!
    Come back, Shane!

  2. I'm not completely convinced the world didn't end...Maybe this is some horrible dream or maybe this is what heaven is like

  3. Continental drift divide!

    I hope this isn't heaven. As much as I love my family and expect to hang out with them in the afterlife I was expecting fewer aches 'n' pains, nicer weather, and better food.


  4. Meet the new life, same as the old life?

  5. I forwarded this around like crazy and it got a great response. So props to you and Nikki Stafford! (I know neither of you is responsible for making it, but pass-along credit where credit due.)