Hungry Like Marv Wolfman

My old buddy Stefan Blitz, proprietor of Forces of Geek, mused on Twitter several weeks ago that if he opened a restaurant themed around people who created comics the menu would include Joe Quesadilla, Howard Chicken, and Darwyn Cookies.

Which means nothing if you aren’t in the loop and don’t appreciate the puns, but I got
a smile out of it — and the idea to brainstorm my...

Top Eighteen Dishes, Drinks, and Desserts
Served at the Comics-Creators Cafe

18. Karen Burgers

17. Gary Franks

16. Tuna Isabella

15. Veal Adams

14. Clams Robins

13. P. Craig Mussels

12. Marie Severin-Layer Dip

11. Nachos Whedon

10. Wendy & Richard Pinot Noir

9. Michael Kaluta ’n’ Cream

8. Bloody Mary Fleener

7. Jim Sterankocoa

6. Dave S’mores

5. Brian Michael Beignets

4. Jell-O Thompson

3. Mike & Laura All-Red-Velvet Cake

2. Chris Eclairmonts

And the Number One Dish Served at the Comics-Creators Cafe...

1. Elliot S! Mac-’n’-Cheese

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