Midsummer’s Meaning

With new posts being sparse here lately and several months having passed since my
last volley of word-verification definitions, I declare it time for another.

The backlog is growing short, as I wrote earlier this year, thanks to Blogger’s switch
in formats yielding less choice material. I’ll probably close the door on this series after
a few more installments, based on current reserves and the sluggish pace at which new entires are added to my stockpile, whereas for quite some time after I began the well was replenished at a strong, steady pace. You are hereby referred to my stand-alone page collecting past entries, where this phenomenon is explained, if it’s unfamiliar to you.

agamsee — [uh gam see] phr. Edward G. Robinson pointing out some dame’s leg.

clonyma — [kloh nee mah] n. Your mother’s genetically engineered duplicate.

counduct — [kown dukt] n. How Dracula behaves.

daymews — [day myooz] pl.n. My cat’s morning wake-up sounds.

eReesen. A peanut-butter cup you can eat in Second Life. (Is that still a thing?)

frisaint — [frih zaint] n. The sensation of lacking the thrill that those around you are feeling.

hemizend — [heh mee zend] n. Where East meets West.

ladvat — [lad vat] n. Melting pot for reconstituting unwanted male members of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Nausol™ — [naw sol] The world’s leading nauseating aerosol product.

ontonic — [ahn tah nik] n. Mixer used with spirits imbibed by philosophers debating the nature of existence.

parkingi — [par kin gee] n. A traditional martial-arts uniform worn by valets at the dojo.

pundie — [pun diy] n. Humorous wordplay fail.

sequidern [sek wih durn] n. An ordered listing of Derns (Bruce, Laura, etc.).

stundial — [stun diy ull] n. A boobytrapped version of the ancient solar timekeeping device that paralyzes one’s enemies.

YetiOne — Official designation of the abominable snowman assigned to the President of the United States on his secret excursions to the Himalayas.

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  1. Sorry: No escribo inglés. Lamento la muerte de Bamm Bamm.
    Yo tengo una, Mina, de 19 years, de agilidad asombrosa y muy amiga del reottweiler, Aragón, de 6 años.