52 Geek-Out: DCU Part 5

[continued from yesterday]

Action Comics
Writers: Bill Willingham, Jane Espenson, et al. /
Artists: Jesus Saiz, Amy Reeder, et al.

Metropolis has been ground zero for rapidly developing technology and metahuman activity since Superman’s arrival. Action Comics is an anthology set in America’s First City that explores the Man of Tomorrow’s friends and foes, from Lois Lane to Lex Luthor, in a variety of features — fronted by a look inside the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit written by Bill Willingham [Fables, Shadowpact] and drawn by J├ęsus Saiz [Manhunter, Checkmate]. Among the first round of rotating backups is a Daily Planet dramedy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Jane Espenson and Madame Xanadu’s Amy Reeder; Kane creator Paul Grist waits on deck with a story about Mr. Action himself, Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen, while Dan Panosian handles the covers.

Detective Comics
Writers: John Arcudi, Brian Azzarrello, et al. /
Artists: Jason Shawn Alexander, Eduardo Risso, et al.

The neo-classic team of Brian Azzarrello and Eduardo Risso [100 Bullets, Batman] tackle time-tossed ’tec Slam Bradley as the grizzled gumshoe navigates the modern streets of Gotham City in one of several serials running through the new Detective Comics. John Arcudi transfers from Dark Horse’s BPRD to write the headlining GCPD feature, drawn by Abe Sapien artist Jason Shawn Alexander, and a host of other detectives from throughout the DC Universe are slated to share the spotlight under cover work from Lee Bermejo.

Adventure Comics
Kurt Busiek, et al. / Artists: Carlos Pacheco, et al.

In the decade since wonder women and supermen began openly taking flight,
regular folks have regarded them with both delight and suspicion as well as struggled with their own place in this ever-changing world. A select few, like the all-too-human Challengers of the Unknown, find any vestiges of fear or jealousy completely over-ridden by curiosity, amazement, and opportunity that takes them from the American midwest to Dinosaur Island to the otherdimensional jungle land of Skartaris. Frequent collaborators Kurt Busiek and Carlos Pacheco [DC’s Superman, Marvel’s Avengers Forever] are among those chronicling the exploits of such explorers and thrillseekers in the pages of Adventure Comics, under covers illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards.

The Unexpected
Writers: Peter J. Tomasi, Phil Hester, et al. /
Artists: Steve Lieber, Phil Hester, et al.

Although Terry Thirteen, self-proclaimed Ghostbreaker, may grudgingly have to
admit the existence of aliens from other worlds, he’ll be damned if he believes in the supernatural — even as he tracks down entities and events that defy rational description, from Madame Xanadu to the mysterious Phantom Stranger. Is he really hunting them, though... or are they watching him? Brightest Day and Blackest Night: Batman writer Peter J. Tomasi brings us an eerie tapestry woven from tales of The Unexpected illustrated by Steve Lieber [DC’s Hawkman, Oni’s Whiteout]. The Wretch’s Phil Hester, meanwhile, scripts a series of backups spotlighting strange heroes from inner-city avenger Ragman to Native American spirit-world specialist Owlwoman, drawn by a variety of artists including Hester himself. Covers are provided by Hester and Andrew Robinson.

World’s Finest
Writers: Greg Rucka, Jen Van Meter, J.H. Williams III, et al. /
Artists: Bryan Hitch, J.H. Williams III, Tony Harris, et al.

The effects of Superman’s arrival on Earth reach far beyond the shores of the United States, and not just to once-mythical lands like Atlantis, Themiscyra, and Nanda Parbat. World’s Finest offers a series of rotating features on such global guardians as South Africa’s Impala, Greece’s Olympian, Brazil’s Green Flame, Norway’s Icemaiden, and Japan’s Rising Sun, both in solo adventures and partnered with more familiar faces. Greg Rucka [DC’s Checkmate, Oni’s Queen & Country] is head writer of the round-robin headline serials, drawn by acclaimed Authority artist Bryan Hitch, with backups fleshing out the characters involved courtesy of Jen Van Meter, Tony Harris, cover artist J.H. Williams III, and more.

DC Special
Secret Origins

Writers / Artists: various

Secret Origins is an anthology revealing the beginnings and key early adventures of those denizens of the new DC Universe whose origins aren’t already unfurling in their own series. These stories will usually be handled by members of a character’s dedicated creative team and often run for multiple issues. DC Special, on the other hand, tells stories set in the present day that frequently spin out of extant titles, uniting characters in interesting combinations or following a single threat over several chapters involving heroes from various series. Showcase remains the place for tryouts of new and revived concepts, whether deeply embedded within or only tangential to DC Universe continuity.

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  1. I want to read that Jane Espenson Daily Planet story and those Phil Hester Unexpected backups now, mister.

    The rest can wait a week since stuff is piling up.

  2. I love the idea of more well done anthologies. It's something both Marvel and DC half-heartedly trot out every few years then back off of quickly, and I'm convinced it's poor execution and lack of commitment that dooms the books.

    Done well, I think there's a great place for anthology series in both universes.